Reader Comments

“Very classy and uncluttered presentation… I am surprised that so many women have this anorgasmia problem…I found your writing to be brave, compassionate and unselfish. And extremely well written.” – B  

“WOW sexy and HOT blog. Now what do I do with my wet panties at work? LOL.” – M

“I was blown away by your writing style, the visualization throughout was so catching. It was so hot reading the descriptive words of you intimately pleasing yourself, all the while humbling to think about the fact that some women never get such satisfaction. I hope you keep on writing because I immensely enjoyed it :). – T.

“I very much appreciate your (blog) and particularly your intellect – human sexuality is a wonderfully diverse and fascinating subject.” – A.

“Thank you for the blog! I really enjoyed reading. It’s informative, educational, and most importantly, a huge turn on!” – G

“You … have a way of writing that draws attention and demands reading. There’s far too little of that type of writing going on today.” – M.

“What a great blog. Very interesting read. Excellent use of the vocabulary and in a nice way without hard vulgarities. I will keep reading.” – B.

“We Love your profile, the fact that you blog about sexual education through fun, playful learning. Love it. Keep it up!” – M.

“OMG. So classy, sexy, and tempting. Goddess of erotica you are.” – M.

“I just noticed your blog. That intersection of intellect and kink always raises my pulse.” – G.


“I like the blog. It is witty and smart and very sexy.” – J.

“Instead of Joan of Ark, you’re the pioneer Joan of Sex.” – S.

“Not only do you ooze sexy and have amazing sex appeal, you have a beautiful brain as well! I guess that makes you the perfect woman! You have it all my Sweet Sexualista!” – S.

“Congrats on your blog and orgasmic education. Great service to both women and men.” – M

“You are a very gifted writer. I am quite impressed with it. Not only the content of what you are writing about the manner in which you deliver it is fascinating and stimulating. It is quite easy to envision everything you say.” – D

“For most guys, we are blind to what women desire, and seriously lack in communication skills. So we turn to porn and reading blogs like your own. When it comes to women, there is still a very strong stigma saying they shouldn’t explore themselves. Or they are simply ignorant to find out there is more to their sexuality than they think.” – F

“I really liked your blog, both interesting and informative plus the photography was sensual and layout was very professional and accessible. Women’s sexuality and orgasms, or lack of them, is a very interesting subject and one that probably isn’t discussed much. ..Women are very complex sexually and they don’t come with an instruction manual!! Lol. I can see where your blog would hit a nerve, I found it very relevant and it hit upon many the things that my wife talked about over the years. Congratulations on a great blog!!” – A